London Churches, Part 5

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"A tall thin old man comes backwards slowly and carefully through the glass door, carrying a metal stepladder in one hand, and in the other a small pot of paint and a small brush. With an air of methodical tidiness, he leans the stepladder against the front of a left-hand stall, stands the pot of paint next to it, places the small brush sideways across the exact centre of the top of the pot."

And, Chapters 41-52 (Conclusion)

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"The elements of the dinner-parties which Mrs Lennox gave, were beauty, men, and pedantic conversation. They talked in a sensuous way outside, lashed themselves when they were alone, and squandered their capabilities in the drawing-room."

Lecturer—Search #59336 (Four positions) at Georgia Southern University



University System of Georgia

Lecturer—Search #59336 (Four positions)

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The Chora of the Twin Towers

I'd like to announce publication of a special project for 9/11 and the rhet/comp community. The project is entitled "The Chora of the Twin Towers" and has been published on 9/11/11 at Enculturation by Robert Leston (NYC College of Tech), Geof Carter (Saginaw Valley State), and Sarah Arroyo (California State Long Beach).

It will occupy Enculturation as the only featured project for the week following 9/11. After the first week, it will be featured as the lead project in the next issue.



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