Tungsten T3 Screws: Found Replacements

This is just a brief PSA... many owners of Palm Tungsten T3s have had problems with the screws that hold the lower body. My local hardware store had replacement screws that fit perfectly. I posted details on my blog: Unscrewed: Finding Replacement Screws for Palm Tungsten T3

Palm won't send out replacement screws, so if you don't want to pay $125 and possibly get somebody else's used PDA back instead of your own, you were pretty much out of luck.

Some entrepreneurs are selling screws for $2 each, but according to their website the screws don't fit perfectly. I have no financial investment in the transaction, I've just published the part number and the phone number of the store that helped me. Just FYI.


I found this site by doing a search for screws. Someone wrote about finding the screws for the Tungsten T3, but the link did not work or was not currently available. Can anyone give me information on finding these tiny, little screws which hold the case together. They are tiny, even smaller than eyeglass screws. Thanks.

I found the original post and fixed the link. Good luck!


http://www.hobbylinc.com/ has these screws. Do a search on their site for "0-80 Flat Head Screw" and you ought to find some available for order. The 1/8" length is what you need. The part number I am ordering is "wooh845". The screws are $4.77 for 3 packs of 5, and the shipping is $7.50. It's not clear to me if these are slotted or Phillips, but at least I have some hope of keeping my Palm together!

After lots of energy and time expended, I have located a source for *exact* replacement screws. I had to purchase a *very large* quantity of screws, but they are now available for purchase from my website. To the best of my knowledge, my site is the only place on the web where these *exact* replacement screws can be found.

Please visit http://www.infosystemspro.com/pdaparts.htm for more info.

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